JRS for Visitors

If your home institution requires you to register for it's JRS service, then you must have done so before using the the SGUL JRS service.

All visitors are required to adhere to, and are bound by, the SGUL Regulations for using IT Facilities and Network Conditions of Use Policy, and the JANET Acceptable Use Policy

To connect to the JRS service you will need:

  • A wireless enabled device (Laptop, Apple Notebook)
  • The latest updates and service packs applied.
  • A valid username and password. (these are usually in the format username@home-institution.ac.uk - eg auser@sgul.ac.uk)

Where to connect

Look for the Wireless network SSID 'eduroam' in the following areas

  • Level 0 Hunter Wing: Foyer
  • Level 1 Hunter Wing: Library
  • Level 2 Hunter Wing : The Bar and Conference Rooms
  • Level 4 Hunter Wing: Teaching rooms and clinical cubicles
  • Level 5 Hunter Wing: GEP base rooms, PBL rooms, and Teaching rooms
  • Level 0 Jenner Wing : INTO teaching space and IT helpdesk
  • Halls of Residence: St. George's Grove
  • Additional areas throughout Jenner Wing although this service is not intended for production use


What is eduroam service? Click below to find out more.

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