St George's Joint Research and Enterprise Office


Welcome to the St George's Joint Research and Enterprise Office (JREO)

The JREO administers and supports research activities across both St George’s, University of London and St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust.

To find out more about the JREO and how to contact us click here.


Services offered by the JREO fall into four main areas: 

1. Pre-Award Support for Grant Applications

2. Post-Award Financial Support for Grant Awards

3. Regulatory & Governance Support for Clinical Research

4. Enterprise


Seminar Presentations

Click here to access a repository of seminar presentations, as hosted or delivered by the Joint Research and Enterprise Office.



CTIMP SOPs Feb 2017

Non CTIMP SOPs Feb 2017

 ****Most recent change to JREO SOPs is to ensure there is a nominated deputy PI to ensure continued appropriate management of the trial and any participants in the event of unexpected absence****

JREO Governance Documents

For modifiable template documents including template protocols, participant information sheet and consent forms etc. Please download this folder.

Template Documents

Template Logs


JREO Governance - A Guide For Researchers

The Governance team have produced a handbook giving an overview of the regulations and processes governing research in the UK. Click here


Quick Links

Finally, there is a section of Quick Links - shortcuts to the most commonly-used pages on the JREO site.


Agresso Guidance Notes for Principal Investigator Research Projects



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