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St George's Joint Research and Enterprise Services

The Joint Research and Enterprise Services (JRES) provides a research and enterprise management service to both St George’s, University of London and St George’s University Hospitals NHS Trust, supporting our academics, clinicians, collaborators and sponsors with research and enterprise activities. The JRES is organised into three areas:

Research Governance & Delivery supports and facilitates the set-up, governance and delivery of clinical research at St George's. This includes facilitating new clinical research opportunities, sponsorship, regulatory approvals, monitoring and auditing.

Research Funding supports and advises on all research application and financial management issues for St George's, as well as contracts and research strategy. This covers research funding opportunities, grant application costing and advice, contract negotiation, Research Excellence Framework support, and the management of research awards.

Enterprise & Innovation provides research enterprise support for St George's. This involves the protection and commercial exploitation of St George's innovations, consultancy support for University academics, and advice on funding applications and other commercial opportunities. 

Joint Research and Enterprise Services – management of research and enterprise contracts (PDF)


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